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Smart Grids take centre stage at Schneider Electric Mobile Innovation Hub

Schneider Electric
Ahmed Fateen, Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, a global energy management automation and digital transformation company, has announced the return of its Mobile Innovation Hub at this year’s WETEX, which is currently being held in Dubai.

The Innovation Hub will showcase crucial advances in technologies for utilities, particularly in grid, water, and solar energy.

The focus on digital transformations in utilities continues to grow in the region, with Dubai leading the charge. Among the key growth areas for this work lies in the Geographical Information Systems (GIS). DEWA recently upgraded its GIS system, providing the ability to visualise, navigate, and manage smart grid.

The Innovation Hub will welcome guests to experience EcoStruxure, Schneider’s open architecture platform that will showcase connected products as well as edge control software. As a platform, EcoStruxure can bridge the need for efficiency from the supply side of energy distribution, while managing the demand from organisations and users.

Highlights of the experiential tour consist of interactive demos of some of the factors that drive sustainable transformations within utilities.

The immersive overview is aimed at exploring the specific optimisations in areas such as buildings, water, and data centres as well as sustainable grids and energy-as-a-service. Underpinning all of these will be the transformative power of IoT, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

“The UAE continues to demonstrate that the sustainability challenges can be addressed through digital solutions,” said Ahmed Fateen, Power Systems VP for Gulf, Schneider Electric. “We now live in a world where smart grids are no longer potential future – they are the reality. This has been enabled by the digitised systems that control utilities through monitoring and analysing the enormous volume of data. As we continue to drive this digital transformation forward, we remain vigilant over cyber security and data integrity. Ultimately, in addition to driving sustainability, it is crucial to ensure solutions are reliable, secure, and cost-efficient.

The role that connected products play in smart cities directly impacts the decision making of executives with the access to rich, real-time data that can be actioned upon instantaneously.

According to Schneider Electric, its software solutions effectively help bridge the gap between traditional operations and enterprise systems making seamless integration possible while enhancing the overall output with maximum efficiency.


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