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Now you can hire a 3D printing factory in Dubai

The 3D Farm, Jumbo Group’s new initiative, enables entrepreneurs to hire the facility on an hourly basis to print their complex designs

Plan to design a new product or custom design a new bicycle, you now have a 3D factory in Dubai that will help you do so.

Jumbo Group, that’s more known for their consumer electronic stores have set up a new factory – and called it 3D Farm. The facility can print complicated 3D designs, mainly aimed at corporate customers and innovators.

The facility is equipped with HP 3D Printing Solutions based on its Multi Jet Fusion technology and various other 3D printing solutions including EnvisionTEC.

According to Jumbo the facility is mainly geared towards printing dental, architectural apart from other applications, and help easy adoption of 3D printing technology for entrepreneurs in UAE.

The facility also houses equipment for post processing, finishing and painting of finished products.

The facility or the machines, which opened to the public today, will be rented out on an hourly basis.

“The facility will serve as a proof of concept for early adopters,” says Arvind Agrawal, Head of Jumbo Group. It also aims at developing a community of collaborating professionals involved in 3D Manufacturing in the UAE.

“The objective is to pool the knowledge, design capability, skills and resources to create an eco-system for faster adoption of 3D printing technology in the country,” he adds.

The multi jet fusion technology enables printing of complex products in a cost-effective manner – compared to laser sintering or CNC machining, and especially used for printing tiny spare parts that does not require mass scale production.

Using the new facility, Jumbo also plans to offer a range of services including training, business consulting for young entrepreneurs, proof of concept development, product design assistance as well as financing options for developing a business around 3D manufacturing.

In an effort to enhance the capacity of the new factory, the company plans to expand the range of 3D printers to include the latest technologies for colour, metal and concrete.

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