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exeno to launch a new all in one DeFi platform

exeno, a pioneer in crypto commerce (“c-commerce”) and DeFi technology, is launching its new platform exeno finance. A true DeFi innovation, exeno finance is taking the best of the decentralised financial world, crypto payments, and other Web3 solutions while creating a faster, simpler, and more effective way for everyday usage.

exeno finance combines the transparency and benefits of innovative smart contract architecture with the speed of a cloud-based infrastructure. This business logic is hosted in the cloud that collaborates with smart contracts. This unique architecture gives full control over crypto assets and the freedom to choose crypto tools in one secure place. exeno finance will enable people to interact with their cryptocurrency in a simple, safe, fast, and transparent manner and offer solutions in terms of payments and blockchain tech, such as SSI ID. The company has placed all these features under one intuitive platform, working together seamlessly but also available for standalone purposes.

With this platform, users can save time and maximise their crypto across blockchains, features and rewarding activities.

Gary Szlatiner, Chief Growth Officer, exeno says: “You have all of your tools under one roof, combining the transparency and security of DeFi with the speed, convenience, and low barriers to entry known from centralised solutions. The key features of exeno finance are staking, bridging, vouchers, escrow, and liquidity pool with more on the horizon”.

“We have tested many web3 solutions, user journeys, and insights while building the path to becoming the crypto-commerce leader. During this time, we realised that the universal barriers towards daily crypto usage are lack of trust, ease of use, and understanding of user-case-driven benefits. It inspired us to create exeno finance – a crypto command centre which paves the way for creating a generic protocol between on-chain accounting and off-chain business logic, at least as far as DeFi is concerned”, said Tom Babiak, Founder and CEO of exeno.

In November this year, exeno announced it joined forces with Binance Pay to bring its other product – exeno store and its assortment to the Binance App as Mini Program, which is currently planned to launch in Q1 2023.

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