UAE, Saudi Arabia users among most active on social media

Social media is increasingly becoming embeded in every individual’s life. From a professional perspective, social media platforms are the chosen medium to which customers create their own content, hunt for new products and services, and share their opinions on certain topics.

With this in mind, social media platforms are becoming vital components to every firm’s strategy to expand their reach and enhance their products and services. The MENA region, specifically, reserves a very special rank when it comes to social media usage.

In a report by Crowd Analyzer titled ‘State of Social Media 2018’ that is about the social media in the MENA region. Below are some interesting findings of the report:


Egyptian users on Facebook compose a huge base of users that exceeds 35 million users. Out of this number, 34 million of these users publish content in Arabic.

This is followed by Saudi with over 16 million Saudis active on the social networking site. A majority of them are interested in publishing content about games and fashion shopping.

Meanwhile in the UAE, a majority of published their content in English. The majority of users accessed the platforms from their Android phones. Expats were 6.3 million out of 8.5 million active users in the country, Crowd Analyzer report notes.


As for social photo and video-sharing platform Instagram Saudi Arabia is among the most active countries in the region. Most of the 12 million in the country preferred publishing their content in Arabic, according to the report.

It also noted that male users were more active than female users in Saudi Arabia with iPhone being the preferred device for using the platform. Their most engaging topic was news, followed by travelling, Crowd Analyzer report notes.

In the UAE, most users on Instagram preferred to publish their content in English. Meanwhile, most of them used Android phones with more than 2.2 million users. Shopping and fashion, and food were the most interesting interactive topics on the platform in UAE.

The vast majority of Egyptian Instagram users utilised Android phones. The main topics that interest Egyptians on Instagram are online shopping, followed by games.


For Twitter, Saudi Arabia registered the highest number of active users compared to UAE and Egypt. The majority of Saudi users prefer to publish their content in Arabic. Millennials are the majority of users in KSA, so are males, Crowd Analyzer report adds.

The study noted that in the UAE, the majority of Twitter users prefer to publish their content in English rather than Arabic. Also, most of those who use Twitter are most interest in fitness and sports.

Meanwhile in Egypt, compared to other platforms, a small number of Egyptians are active on Twitter. The majority are males and publish their content in Arabic. A majority of users’ favourite topic is music.


Snapchat insights are slightly different from the norm, according to Crowd Analyzer. Saudi users are really active on the platform, and the majority of them are female users, the report found, with most of them using iPhones.

In the UAE, Crowd Analyzer highlighted that female users were the most active on Snapchat. The country had the lowest number of Android users, and millennials also were the majority of users.

However, Egyptians aren’t much fond of Snapchat, at least not as much as Saudi users. Millennials tend to be the most active and the majority of Snapchat users in Egypt.


For professional networking site LinkedIn, UAE had the highest number of users compared to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Given that the country is a business hub in the region, all the positions were present with a high percentage.

Saudi Arabia users diversified enough between top and middle managerial levels. It highlighted that Saudi female users were the least prominent on the platform.

Egypt had almost the same number of LinkedIn users as Saudi Arabia. However, a very small number of users are identified as “partners”, while Egyptian female users were slightly more than females from Saudi Arabia.

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