Citrix NetScaler 9 offers better RoI

Citrix Systems announced Citrix NetScaler 9, the industry’s most advanced solution for radically improving the efficiency and TCO of web-based applications. As web applications multiply across corporate datacenters, most companies waste an estimated 50 percent of the cost of running these applications due to highly inefficient use of server and network resources. Eliminating this unnecessary overhead has been largely impractical in the past because the inefficiencies of each unique web application are simply too complex and dynamic for network and server teams to understand without deep application-level knowledge. NetScaler 9 eliminates this tradeoff by combining the industry’s most advanced optimization technology with powerful new application intelligence that automatically recommends the optimal configuration for each unique web application. As a result, NetScaler 9 can reduce the cost of delivering enterprise web applications by up to 50 percent – running applications like Microsoft® Office® SharePoint® Server 2007, Oracle® E-Business Suite and SAP® solutions, without requiring any of their existing networking or server infrastructure teams to become application experts.

“SAP is dedicated to working with partners like Citrix to simplify IT for customers,” said Joerg Nalik, Ph.D., Director, Infrastructure Technologies, SAP Labs. “Citrix recently tested NetScaler 9 at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto. NetScaler AppExpert Templates and the AppExpert Visualizer demonstrably simplified configuration and provided the built-in intelligence needed to fully realize the acceleration, security and server offload benefits Citrix NetScaler delivers.”

“Previous testing of Citrix NetScaler and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 has proved that NetScaler, by accelerating WAN traffic and almost eliminating delivery overhead, can accelerate SharePoint performance by up to 500 percent, most notably for users accessing SharePoint over WAN links or across the Internet,” said Owen Allen, Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation. “Capabilities like the NetScaler 9 AppExpert Template for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 make it easy for IT organizations to implement an optimized solution.”

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