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Dubai Future Foundation promotes future-centric knowledge

The Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) has signed an MoU with the Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute (ADVETI) to promote innovation and future-centric knowledge, and help realise the UAE Vision 2021.Dubai Future Foundation to promote future-centric knowledge

The agreement also works to stimulate reading in Arabic by distributing Arabic-language content provided by the Foundation across ADVETI libraries and facilities. It was signed by His Excellency Abdullah bin Touq, acting CEO, Dubai Future Foundation, and Dr Abdulrahman Jassim Al Hammadi, managing firector, ADVETI.

The MoU stipulates that DFF will draft, design, and provide scientific content that adheres to ADVETI’s standards, in addition to delivering weekly e-publications on future sectors via its knowledge platform, The Future Monitor.

The Foundation will then distribute the content to the Institute’s students and staff via email, all the while working to provide ADVETI with access to Popular Science magazine, which is published in Arabic for the first time.

“Developing students’ and academics’ abilities to build the future through knowledge is the cornerstone of the emerging future industry,” said H.E. bin Touq. “With that in mind, we have set out to strengthen cooperation with various entities across the UAE in an effort to spread knowledge and provide the youth with scientific insights on the latest technological developments. This, in turn, creates future leaders – ones that are capable of influencing the future.”

He added that the MoU serves Dubai Future Foundation’s pivotal role in executing the Dubai Future Agenda, which calls for developing cooperation between organisations – public and private – to hone individual skillsets and promote innovation as a tool to create a better future for the society.

Dr Al Hammadi stressed the importance of this MoU, which paves the way for the Institute to develop relationships with various entities across cultural, intellectual, and economic sectors. The agreement promotes innovation among students, creates a stimulating environment, and promotes their talents and expertise.

Al Hammadi added that the MoU encourages students to read weekly e-publications by The Future Monitor; it will also provide them with vast insights on innovation-related research, which helps develop their aptitude and capacities, empowering them to actively participate in future-building efforts.

DFF is tasked with distributing The Future Monitor’s scientific content and material – along with Popular Science magazine – to over 11,000 ADVETI students and alumni, the MoU says, which will help students excel in their studies, improve their knowledge, and develop their capabilities in innovation and scientific research. ADVETI, meanwhile, will develop a framework to publish the e-content among students and staff according to schedule, using its E-Systems.

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