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Husni Hammoud on bringing Ivanti to the Middle East

Having recently launched its Dubai office, Ivanti hosted its first Partner Kick Off event in the region in April, highlighting the firm's new strategy around bringing siloed areas of a business together.
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R&M cables Abu Dhabi Motors

R&M has announced the completion of its latest successful project with United Al Saqer Group’s Abu Dhabi Motors,  the exclusive importer for BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Mini Cooper.  R&M supplied Abu Dhabi Motors with an end to end enterprise cabling solution, ensuring them speed, quality, and reliability.

Abu Dhabi Motors, the largest dealership in the region and part of United Al Saqer Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the UAE is known for its sophisticated design and high tech standards.

Recognizing the importance of using high quality cabling, Abu Dhabi Motors sought out tier one vendors, such as R&M for its network infrastructure project.  The company also required maximized performance and solutions compliant to the latest industry standards and beyond.

R&M’sMiddle Eastsales team met Abu Dhabi Motors’ requirements by designing a customized cabling solution and showing high levels of engagement and commitment throughout the process.

Osama Abushaban, head of the ICT Department for United Al Saqer Group, praised R&M’s performance by saying, “Given Abu Dhabi Motors’ high tech standards, it was imperative we obtain the highest levels of performance from our new network.  R&M went the extra mile to recommend the optimized solution of its modular and customizable copper and fiber range, giving us not only maximum performance now but going forward in planning future network requirements.”

R&M was tapped to provide the network cabling infrastructure for their renovation as well as construction of new Abu Dhabi Motors building premises.  The project was also crucial as Abu Dhabi Motors connected more than 15 branches to the United Al Saqer Group’s headquarters building.

Abushaban added, “For United Al-Saqer Group’s Head Office, it is critical and essential to have reliable networking infrastructure of both passive and active components in order to successfully execute our business initiatives and enable any current or future data requirements. “

The three phase project scope comprised of connecting the Abu Dhabi Motors’ administration building, the BMW showroom, and the automotive workshop.

Three different certified R&M installers including Emirates Computers, Aesthetix and Wavetech worked on this multi-phase multi-year project.  The project started December 2009 and ended June 2011.

R&M recommended their advanced Cat. 6 copper cabling for connecting the network. Cat. 6 unshielded (Cat.6 U/UTP) cabling was used for horizontal cabling as it is the best option for better connectivity, delivering excellent headroom beyond 500 Mz. Cat. 6 unshielded also supports future bandwidth needs and 10 GB performance.

In terms of network speed, R&M advised Abu Dhabi Motors to deploy Fiber Optics OM3 (FO OM3) allowing users to operate on faster data transmission speeds.  Security level 1 color coding was used for sensitive points for easier reach and use.  This ensures Abu Dhabi Motors not only a robust and high performance network for current needs but the requisite scalability for future data growth without any drop in network performance or speed.  Additionally, FLEXkanals and multifunctional DESKboxes were deployed for maximum user connectivity of various applications.  With R&M solutions, the project is now fully equipped in terms of data transmission speed and optimized network performance.

“The process of building and renovating was challenging as we had to gut certain walls to implement a cabling solution to meet client’s current and future requirements. With our enterprise range, Abu Dhabi Motors now have in place a faultless state of the art network to last for years to come,” stated Alaa Darwish, R&M Sales Manager.

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