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Abu Dhabi rolls out “smart sports” initiative

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has developed and added designs of smart sports and play devices to all municipal projects relating to parks and recreational facilities.

The project which is being implemented by ADM’s Municipal Infrastructure & Assets Sector is valued at $16.8 million (AED 62 million).

The introduction of smart sports and play devices to parks and recreational facilities aims to foster the principles and concepts of sustainability, boost the history and true traditions of the UAE community through smart apps connected to these plays.

The smart sports and play devices boost these concepts through innovative sports and play devices that transform kinetic energy into electric energy for multiple uses such as the recharging of mobile phones, lighting, water-cooling, music and national anthems, training children on such activities and environmental & cultural contests about the history of the UAE. These devices can also be programmed to celebrate UAE events such as the national day, public holidays and others.

The step has been taken to accelerate the future drive and embed the culture of pioneering and innovation in municipal work as part of the Government Accelerators initiatives for the Five-Year Plan of Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2018 – 2022.

The plan envisages upgrading the processes, technologies and specifications of AI and smart cities for the infrastructure, and implementing the processes, technologies and specifications developed specifically for Abu Dhabi.

It also provides for managing and operating infrastructure elements using the Internet of Things and shaping the future of road assets, parks and infrastructure, besides boosting taking of development and strategic decisions relating to the Emirate. The step stems from Abu Dhabi Vision and conforms to the UAE Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031.

Accordingly, it encourages people to make extra physical effort and partake in sports practices, which contributes to improving public health and boosts happiness. Adding sports to the daily routines of people promotes a culture of movement and environmental awareness.

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