AOC and Philips monitors unveil new channel loyalty programme

Carol Anne Dias, AOC and Philips monitor
Carol Anne Dias, AOC and Philips monitor

MMD, the brand license partner for Philips displays and AOC monitors has created a loyalty programme, which will reward channel partners over next four months. The company launched the channel loyalty programme from at the beginning of this month and it will run through 31st December 2018.

Carol Anne Dias, regional sales director, Middle East and Africa, AOC and Philips monitor, said, “Channel is the most important component and it is always our endeavour to work closely with our channel partners. We have carefully crafted the programme to drive maximum mileage. To make it easier for partners, we have included both our key brands AOC and Philips to be part of this programme that will enable partners to gain from by selling either or both brands in the market.”

Dias further added, “Channel partners with as little as $15,000 business between the AOC & Philips brand of monitors spread over four months period stands to gain by being part of this programme. We are confident that majority of our partners in UAE will participate in this initiative and gain extra rebates as well as exciting gifts such Apple MacBook or iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface tablet, AOC or Philips Smart TVs. Travel to Istanbul, Beirut, Paris, Prague, or South Africa. And, even stand to gain AED 15,000 worth of travel vouchers. We will also honour Best Salesman among all our partners in UAE with special award.”

AOC & Philips channel loyalty programme is applicable on all the monitors in stock and is open to all the channel partners in UAE.

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