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BlackBerry Storm to get firmware update

The BlackBerry Storm, the first touch-screen device from Research In Motion, is to get a software update over the coming two weeks. The new firmware is set to fix multiple bugs and add features such as improved keyboard usage.

The over-the-air software update from Verizon Wireless will be the first major update for the Storm since one in December. Known as, the new firmware is expected to fix numerous bugs, including stopping the device from freezing when using voice dialing and fixing the bug causing the display to get filled with small multicolored dots.

The update will also bring a much-wanted feature to Storm users: a full QWERTY keyboard to use in portrait mode. So far, the BlackBerry Storm allows the use of a full QWERTY only in landscape mode, while a SureType keyboard is used in portrait mode. In total, more than 30 bugs will be fixed, with stability and speed issues addressed in this firmware update as well.

This might well be the last firmware update RIM will offer for the Storm, since the company is already working on the Storm 2. The second iteration of RIM's flagship phone is said to add Wi-Fi, a 5-megapixel camera and a new touch-screen technology called TruePress.

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