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Blockchain set to boost Dubai’s 2020 tourism vision

0 13Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has launched Tourism 2.0 - a blockchain-enabled marketplace that connects potential buyers directly to hotels and tour operators.
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Schneider Electric launches customisable data centre assessment services

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, today introduced EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment, an innovative new solution in its energy management services for data centres.

The EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment is a detailed customisable assessment of the power, cooling, physical infrastructure and operational efficiencies of a data center. Furthermore, it allows data center managers to benchmark the performance of their facility against industry standards such as the Green Grid Data Center Maturity Model. The analysis focuses on identifying improvements that will help drive down the spiraling cost of energy while ensuring maximum availability.                                                     

Jim Simonelli, Senior Vice-President, Solutions Officer, Schneider Electric, said: “Providing data centre managers with a tool to assess energy usage and efficiency empowers them to make informed decisions on optimizing their infrastructure. Furthermore, the recommendations offered by Schneider Electric’s EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment will result in optimised energy usage, reduced operating costs and will enable data centre managers to prioritise improvements to better manage capital expenses.”

EnergySTEP Data Center Assessment allows data center professionals to customize an assessment service and report on specific functions within the data center. The flexibility will help meet energy usage goals, business needs and financial targets. The extensive data collection and analysis is performed by a Schneider Electric energy management services (EMS) specialist with expertise in data centre operations and energy management.

The comprehensive report generated by the assessment provides vendor neutral recommendations including detailed findings illustrated with graphics and performance benchmarks. The specific recommendations for improving efficiency and maximising availability include estimated cost savings and ROI analysis. Additionally, the findings and recommendations can be presented according to the Green Grid Data Center Maturity Model.

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