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Huawei Cloud Paves Way for Global Opportunities

Cloud computing is booming. The changes in the technology landscape have allowed it to flourish and become a key part of corporate IT strategy alongside some of its more high-profile technology cousins such as AI and IoT.

The ability to connect to a wide range of data sources across the internet in a fraction of a second was unthinkable even just a few years ago. And the technology is now so well embedded that cloud-based operations are a cornerstone for tens of thousands of companies across the world, fueling their growth and expansion.

Huawei is playing its part in the growth of cloud computing, building an ecosystem to include partners of different types to examine innovative ways to deploy cloud.

Omar Akar, Vice President & MD, Cloud & AI BG, Huawei ME

The growth of cloud is driven by the rapid increase in Internet usage worldwide, as Mark Chen, Director of the International Business Department at Huawei Cloud believes. The number of Internet users is in excess of 480 million in Southeast Asia, 380 million in the Middle East and North Africa, and 450 million in Latin America. Despite these numbers, there are still vast opportunities to be explored. Huawei Cloud is leveraging its technical edge, know-how, and partner programs to provide support for Internet companies that want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Gaming firm NetEase has also been able to expand rapidly thanks to the robust cloud services Huawei provides. NetEase-produced online game “Conqueror’s Blade” runs entirely on Huawei Cloud nodes outside China. Such cloud service nodes are also deployed in Latin America to provide network coverage there.

Indeed, Huawei’s services span the world. Huawei has deployed more than 2,500 content delivery and POP nodes across the globe along with 45 availability zones delivering 210+ advanced services to accelerate digital transformation of all industries. We are also proud to announce that the services in Middle East will be launched in this November.

While these are just some of the many successful stories, Huawei looks to provide partners with even more assistance both financially and technically under its HMS Ecosystem Support Program. Incentives include development and testing coupons plus cloud resources and migration tools.

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