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Security Advisor ME April 2021

As the Cybersecurity And Attack Landscapes Become More Complicated, We Try To Capture The Real Picture And Bring You The …

Protecting the Connected Landscape
Christopher Dobrec, Vice-President Product Marketing, Armis, discusses the evolution of IoT, the convergence of IT & OT and how Armis is positioned to add value.
Sharing & Communicating for A Robust Cybersecurity Industry
John Shier, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos, explains how Sophos adopts a comprehensive, collaborative and innovative approach to cybersecurity
Combating Cybercrime with Ai-Driven Security Strategies
Partha Panda, CEO and co-founder of Cysiv, Inc, discusses how Cysiv’s 24/7 SOCaaS solutions help organisations reduce the risk of costly & damaging breaches and business disruptions.

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