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LinkShadow NDR reinforces leadership position on Frost Radar Innovation Index 2024

LinkShadow is distinguished in the Frost Radar as a top player in the Innovation Index, thanks to its unique NDR approach.

LinkShadow, a global leader in intelligent Network Detection and Response (iNDR) reinforced its leadership position on the 2024 Frost Radar for its innovative technology.  This substantiates LinkShadow’s potential at empowering enterprises to adopt a proactive cybersecurity approach to secure their network and business.

The NDR Frost Radar by Frost and Sullivan aims to assess leading and emerging NDR technologies based on their strategic impact on a customer’s NDR adoption journey, as this has become a vital component of a robust cybersecurity strategy. Some of the strategic factors driving NDR adoption include the shifting threat landscape, expanding attack surface, data-driven security and most importantly the ability to ensure future-proof security.

“This recognition highlights LinkShadow’s cutting-edge cybersecurity innovation and growth roadmap as a leader in the NDR domain.” said Fadi Sharaf, Regional Sales Director, LinkShadow.  “This achievement reflects our commitment to continuous innovation.  Our focus remains on advanced customization to address the diverse cybersecurity needs of our customers and we are always ready to take on such unique challenges.”

According to Frost and Sullivan, LinkShadow’s NDR capabilities are pioneering and serve as a significant differentiator both on ‘Innovation’ as well as ‘Growth’ fronts.  Specific references were made of LinkShadow intelligent NDR unique features such as Shadow GPT, a proprietary GPT model that integrates seamlessly with the LinkShadow iNDR system providing human-like responses to user inquiries, the AI-powered engine that supports both supervised and unsupervised ML alongside statistical and deep learning methodologies to detect, investigate and respond to threats in real time, amongst many others.

LinkShadow is distinguished in the Frost Radar as a top player in the Innovation Index, thanks to its unique NDR approach. Offering customization at various tiers and introducing cutting-edge features such as predictive analysis via virtual reality, it demonstrates innovation. The integration of advanced AI and ML capabilities for alert correlation showcases a forward-thinking approach, distinguishing it from its competitors.

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