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The Security Analyst Summit makes a triumphant return

Costin Raiu, director of Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis team.

Kaspersky announces the return of the exclusive, in-person Security Analyst Summit (SAS), scheduled to take place October 25-27, 2023 in Phuket, Thailand.

Cybersecurity specialists are invited to join the global event to discuss the evolving landscape of IT security and share their expertise on the latest and most sophisticated cyber threats.

The Security Analyst Summit, led by Kaspersky since 2009, is an annual event that brings together esteemed IT security researchers, global law enforcement agencies, academics, and government officials. Its primary objective is to enhance collaboration in the fight against cybercrime, making it an ideal platform for engaging in discussions, exchanging valuable information, and showcasing the latest advancements in research and technology.

In recent years, the conference had to adapt to the pandemic, moving online due to health risks and travel limitations, preventing in-person interactions. However, this fall, SAS is making a return to an in-person setting to enable invaluable reconnecting and networking to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the evolving threat landscape from different angles and perspectives.

“We have truly missed the unique atmosphere of SAS, well-known for its energy and camaraderie”, said Costin Raiu, director of Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis team. “We are thrilled that the Security Analyst Summit is making a triumphant return to its live in-person format, as it allows us to once again connect, collaborate, and engage with one another. The joy of reuniting with old friends and colleagues, combined with the excitement of discovering new insights and advancements, makes us truly grateful, and we are looking forward to welcoming cybersecurity analysts and professionals from all over the world to join this unique event”.

The SAS 2023 conference program is set to focus on the most crucial cybersecurity trends that have emerged over the past year, including recent and newly discovered Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), to providing insights into the most sophisticated cyberattacks, and explore the latest advanced tools and techniques employed by cybercriminals across the globe. Core topics will also include:

  • Critical infrastructure and ICS/OT security
  • Supply chain attacks and open-source software security
  • Ransomware incidents and how to stay protected from them
  • Zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Dark web trends and analytics
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and cybersecurity
  • IoT attacks and security
  • Tools and methods to support and increase user privacy

The Call for Papers (CFP) is now open and cybersecurity researchers and professionals are invited to contribute to the conference by submitting their proposals. This is a fantastic opportunity for researchers to share their expertise, research findings, and insights with a global audience of industry leaders and experts. If you have groundbreaking research, innovative solutions, or compelling case studies to present, you are encouraged to submit. Visit the website for more information on the submission guidelines and requirements.

In addition, SAS 2023 will introduce a special training day to premiere the newly-designed Reverse Engineering with Ghidra course led by Igor Kuznetsov, the chief security researcher and head of the EEMEA GReAT unit at Kaspersky. Participants will be the first to access the course and have an exclusive opportunity to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in the field of reverse engineering using the powerful Ghidra tool. For those interested in the SAS training sessions led by Kaspersky security experts, further information can be found at the website.

To learn more about SAS 2023 and to submit for the CFP, please visit https://thesascon.com

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