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Saudi Arabia seeks to spread digital knowledge in the Arab world

Saudi Arabia has announced plans to launch a huge initiative called “Digital Giving,” Arab News reported.

The initiative reportedly aims to spread digital knowledge in Arab societies around the world in light of the huge technological development that is taking place in the world and the increasing need for technology which has become vital to everyday life.

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According to the report, the initiative will be launched soon under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. It is aimed at enriching Arabic technical content through a number of innovative means and creative tools.

Technical experts, specialists, and amateurs from all around the world will contribute to the initiative.

The ministry announced that all preparations for the launch of this initiative have been completed, and that it aims to enhance the digital capabilities of members of society by spreading the culture of giving, helping to train and educate people on digital content and the most important technical knowledge, support the non-profit sector in developing technical skills, and accelerating digital transformation in the operations of its institutions.

The “Digital Giving” initiative is especially important for its role in motivating those who are digitally literate to spread knowledge to all members of the community, highlight distinctive technical qualities and models, and enabling society to benefit from technology that would help everyday tasks.

All specialists and those interested in technology, members of the non-profit sector, and all members of the community can participate in the “Digital Giving” initiative through the following link:

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