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Appknox enhances mobile app security in the Middle East with a new partnership

(L-R) Harshit Agarwal, Co-founder, and CEO of Appknox, Jose Menacherry, Managing Director, Bulwark Distribution & Vaidya, Sales Executive Director at Appknox.

Appknox joins forces with Bulwark Distribution FZCO, marking a significant milestone in the industry.

This strategic collaboration amalgamates Appknox’s innovative mobile security solutions with Bulwark’s extensive expertise in delivering advanced security offerings to the dynamic Middle East market.

As part of Appknox’s continuous commitment to enhancing mobile app security, they have recently talked about introducing a ground-breaking upcoming feature, the Mobile Software Level Bill of Materials (SBOM). The Mobile SBOM empowers organisations with invaluable visibility into potential threats lurking within their software supply chain. By providing a comprehensive overview of all components, including third-party libraries and frameworks, the SBOM enables developers and security teams to comprehensively understand the associated risks for mobile apps.

Through Bulwark’s profound knowledge of the region’s security landscape, customers leveraging Appknox’s up-to-date capabilities, like the SBOM can confidently secure their mobile applications, gaining insights into the components used and any known vulnerabilities (CVEs) associated with them.

“We’re excited to team up with Bulwark, aiming to enhance mobile app security in the ME region. This partnership combines our cutting-edge technology and experience with government bodies and banks, amplifying our commitment to deliver superior products and exceptional support. Together, we are excited and sure to shape a safer digital landscape in the region”, commented Harshit Agarwal, Co-founder, and CEO of Appknox.

Expressing their views on the collaboration, Vaidya, Sales Executive Director at Appknox, said, “This engagement is a strategic move towards our global expansion plans adding value across BFSI, Government, Retail and ONGC verticals where Appknox has played a pivotal role in ensuring proactive mobile application security!”

’The prevailing crisis has paved the way for new innovations and coming-of-age technologies. We at Bulwark foresee a spike in demand for mobile app security solutions in the current market scenario. With Appknox, we can monitor & reduce cyber risks to provide complete and round-the-clock cybersecurity requirements of customers in the region”, said Jose Menacherry, Managing Director, Bulwark Distribution.

The strategic partnership between Appknox and Bulwark represents a significant leap forward in the realm of cybersecurity for the Middle East region. Together, these industry-leading organisations are equipping businesses with the necessary tools and expertise to combat the evolving threats in today’s digital landscape.

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