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Cisco at Expo 2020 Dubai: Celebrating the Most Connected and Digital World Expo in History

Dubai, UAE, March 31, 2022: The digital network infrastructure at Expo 2020 Dubai delivered impressive results throughout the event, according to newly unveiled data from Cisco, Expo’s official Digital Network Partner. Cisco provided its latest technology innovations to enable the most connected and digital world Expo in history.

Working with the organisers and other technology partners, Cisco helped connect visitors, exhibitors and Expo staff across three thematic districts, over 200 pavilions, parks and arrival plazas, as well as the Dubai Exhibition Centre. Close to 3 million unique users connected to the Wi-Fi network during the first five months of the event.

The highest number of connected users fell on March 5th, when more than 277,000 people connected to the network. In addition, ever day over 5,000 Expo employees, media personnel, volunteers and contractors used the Expo workforce network, powered by Cisco.

Reem Assad, Cisco’s vice president for Middle East and Africa, said, “I am so proud to have seen Cisco at the heart of the digital experience at Expo 2020. When people shared images of the inspiring architecture and exhibits, used the Expo app to navigate the site, checked queue lengths, ordered food, or used many other digital services, the Cisco network has been there to seamlessly connect them. I would like to congratulate the Expo 2020 organisers, Dubai and the UAE for hosting the most digital Expo in history”.

With over 500 screens throughout the site, the Cisco Vision deployment was the largest of its kind in the region and one of the largest globally, streaming over 230,000 minutes of dynamic signage, high-definition digital content and video. It also helped deliver information and experiences with over 1,520 hours of nonstop live streaming content from various stages like  Al Wasl, Jubliee and Dubai Millennium amphitheater, among others.

From merchandise stores to food and beverage vendors, the Cisco network connected over 500 retail units across the Expo site, helping enable payments and invoicing services.

As Expo 2020 prepares to close its doors at the end of March, the site will soon transform into District 2020, a sustainable, human-centric, smart city that is expected to reuse around 80 percent of the infrastructure built for Expo.

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