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McAfee announces substantial headway with its partner programme

McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, has announced substantial headway with its partner programme. Eight new partnerships and seven new certified integrations to McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) and McAfee CASB Connect Programme give organisations a competitive advantage to secure people, devices and data in the cloud.

McAfee SIA accelerates the development of open and interoperable security products and simplifies integration within complex customer environments. These capabilities provide a truly integrated, connected security ecosystem to maximise the value of existing customer security investments.

As an extension of McAfee SIA, the McAfee CASB Connect programme, according to the company, is the industry’s first self-serve framework that enables any cloud service provider or partner to rapidly onboard any SaaS application onto McAfee MVISION Cloud. This fosters the ability to secure data within any cloud service in McAfee’s catalog.

New partners that joined the McAfee SIA programme include A10 Networks, AttackIQ, Cythereal, D3, Security, Dragos, Indegy, Mimecast, Nasuni, Nutanix, OpenText, Siemplify.

The McAfee CASB Connect framework, which allows cloud service providers or partners to build lightweight API connectors to McAfee MVISION Cloud, has significantly expanded. As a result, the following new service providers adopted the MVISION Cloud Platform: Atlassian, Clarizen, DbCom, Introhive.

Opposed to uncertainty concerning the availability and maturity of most cloud service APIs, the McAfee CASB Connect Framework provides a unified platform for comprehensive control over all sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services, from managed and unmanaged devices. This allows cloud services and partners to be fast-tracked onto the MVISION Cloud Security Platform.

“Not all cloud service providers have the APIs needed to integrate with MVISION Cloud,” said Javed Hasan, global head of enterprise products, strategy and alliances, McAfee. “Even in those cases, the CASB Connect framework can now be used out-of-the-box to quickly onboard a SaaS application to McAfee’s CASB platform with support for the most critical use cases. The unique advantage of this new capability helps customers enforce security policies to prevent sensitive data from being downloaded on to any managed or unmanaged device, both within and outside of the corporate network perimeter.”

McAfee has a total of 160 integration partners through its McAfee SIA and McAfee CASB Connect programmes.

“MVISION Cloud allowed security to say yes to the business at Pacific Dental Services (PDS) by transparently addressing our critical security and compliance needs in the use of cloud services like Office365, Box and AWS among others,” said Nemi George, CISO at PDS. “Through McAfee’s CASB Connect programme we have seamlessly extended those same policies and controls to cloud services like Okta and SmartSheet thereby improving our cloud maturity and reducing our TCO.”

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