Microsoft highlights security in IoT

Necip Ozyucel, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions Lead, Microsoft Gulf
Necip Ozyucel, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions Lead, Microsoft Gulf

At the Big Data Show taking place in Dubai World Trade Centre, alongside GISEC 2016, Microsoft is demonstrating the development in cloud technology. The company is showcasing live demos on Emotion Detection, IoT Remote Monitoring solutions and Social Analytics.

Necip Ozyucel, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions Lead, Microsoft Gulf, said, security is an integral aspect of everything the company does in the cloud and IoT space.

“When it comes to the cloud, we invest heavily in two ways, from a compliance perspective as well as the security aspect. In terms of compliance, we are implementing all standards – international and regional. In terms of security, we are implementing layered security, starting from hardware, software to all the tools we are using for audit purposes.

“We make sure there is security between the transmission of the data to the cloud to the device,” he says.

Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite was developed to provide a complete end-to-end solution for its customers. The first pre-configured remote monitoring solution delivered on the Azure IoT Suite was also demonstrated at the Big Data Show, revealing the ease of monitoring telemetry from devices over time for receiving actionable results. The IoT hub in the Azure IoT Suite has the capability to process massive volumes of data, and the stream analytics service helps detect anomalies and aids in archiving data from various IoT devices. This enables users to customise solutions and get the best of both worlds.

According to Ozyucel, IoT features four pillars – devices, connectivity, cloud where the analytics is done and the end-user experience.

“When connecting to the cloud there shouldn’t be any intermittence or any cyber-attacks. That’s why IoT suite is taking precaution to implement device security. We are doing device discretion on cloud and are giving secure tokens for each device. So that when each device comes to talk to Microsoft’s IoT suite, they have to come with their own identities, which the cloud suite can then authenticate.”

Ozyucel says IoT brings in more automation as data is collected from everywhere, which is then analysed, visualized and made actionable. “This automation needs good architecture and good security, which is a critical aspect.”


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