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Nexans Telecom Systems rebrands as Aginode

Arafat Yousef, MEA Managing Director, Aginoide.

Nexans Telecom Systems, a solutions provider of end-to-end telecom and data network infrastructure solutions, has changed its brand name to Aginode.

Under a new name, Aginode, will continue to service the telecom & data markets with the design, manufacture and sales of connectivity solutions for digital networks in FTTx, mobile, LAN and data centre markets. Aginode’s goal is to enable infrastructure, which delivers applications to make lives more connected, productive, and enjoyable, today and in future.

“Under the influence of digital transformation, infrastructure and networking platforms are also being digitised, realigned and repositioned to provide agile solutions for enterprises. Aginode will now face global, regional and local connectivity market opportunities under its new stand-alone brand name, with the same product and solution integrity that it has delivered for the last 30 years”, said Arafat Yousef, MEA Managing Director, Aginoide.

Aginode has a proven track record of developing, implementing, and servicing advanced infrastructure solutions, with diverse product range. The company will continue to sell and manage its LAN and Data Centre solutions such as LANmark™ , LANsense, and LANactive; and its FTTx and Mobile solutions such as XPLORER, BRIGHTBOX, INFRABIRD,  and UPSKY.

Aginode has a state–of-the-art industrial footprint and recognised technological know-how in Europe, Middle East, North-West Africa, and Asia. Leveraging on its global sales teams and well trained regional and local channel partners, Aginode will continue to be a key provider of digitalisation and connectivity.

Make #smartconnections with Aginode.

For more details please visit www.aginode.net

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