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Tenable completes acquisition of Ermetic

Amit Yoran, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tenable.

Tenable Holdings, Inc., the Exposure Management company, recently announced it has closed its acquisition of Ermetic, Ltd., an innovative cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) company, and a leading provider of cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM).

The acquisition combines two cybersecurity innovators and marks an important milestone in Tenable’s mission to shift organisations to proactive security. The combination of Tenable and Ermetic offerings will add capabilities to both the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform and the Tenable Cloud Security solution to deliver market-leading contextual risk visibility, prioritisation and remediation across infrastructure and identities, both on-premises and in the cloud.

With unified CNAPP, iron-clad CSPM protection, and industry-leading CIEM, security teams receive the context and prioritisation guidance to make efficient and accurate remediation decisions. Security teams will no longer need to be cloud security experts to understand where the most urgent risks exist and what to do about them.

Tenable and Ermetic together will help organisations address some of the most difficult challenges in cybersecurity today:

  • Simplifying security management to meet the increasing demands of cloud infrastructure growth
  • Reducing the risk caused by an explosion in volume of user and machine identities in the cloud
  • Understanding the complex relationships and risks across all assets and identities

“The unique combination of Tenable and Ermetic will give customers tightly integrated CNAPP capabilities for cloud environments, delivered through an elegant user experience that minimises complexity and speeds adoption”, said Amit Yoran, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tenable. “We’re delivering unparalleled insights into identities and access, which are absolutely critical to securing cloud environments. And with the integration of insights from Tenable One, customers can also consolidate, simplify and reduce costs”.

The Tenable One Exposure Management Platform enables customers to gain a more complete, accurate and actionable view of their attack surface. Exposure management shifts preventive security from securing technology silos to applying contextual risk intelligence to protect the business. The acquisition of Ermetic accelerates this shift for Tenable customers, adding a depth of cloud security expertise and capabilities that provide context to prioritise risk and simplify remediation. Ermetic adds analytical strength to ExposureAI, more contextual relationships and deep data insights to make Tenable One an even more effective platform for preventive security.

Ermetic will also expand and augment Tenable Cloud Security, which enables security teams to continuously assess the security posture of cloud environments, offering full visibility and helping to prioritise efforts based on business risk.

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