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Edgematics Set to Launch PurpleCube Data Platform

23 December, 2020, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Edgematics, a market-leading UK & UAE-based all-in-data service provider, recently announced its plans to launch its latest product offering to the Middle East market, PurpleCube, to become one of the region’s first pioneering end-to-end data analytics platforms. This platform is set to seamlessly integrate Data Management, Machine Learning (ML), Business Intelligence (B.I.) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) all in one package. Set to cater for a variety of businesses across various industries with an all-in-one solution for delivering actionable analytics in the most cost-effective approach.

To effectively improve customer acquisition, retention and loyalty, businesses need to drive innovation and insights from all types of data in a faster way, though most data analytics platforms today are often complex, and costly to integrate, or fail to operationalise the customer-use cases efficiently for specific business models. PurpleCube’s secure, scalable, and cost-effective analytics as a service data platform has been designed to offer an affordable customer-centric solution with industry specific A.I. algorithms and pre-modelled B.I. dashboards for small and medium-sized businesses, with the aim to increase efficiency across operations, optimise sales, and reduce costs. The self-service platform helps businesses to instantly search billions of rows with Google-like search capabilities and natural language, giving them higher visibility and deeper insights from their data, whilst also leveraging A.I. algorithms to deliver predictive analysis fueled by machine learning.

PurpleCube’s innovative data analytics platform delivers a verticalized approach for organisations, but is uniquely adaptable to cross-vertical (or horizontal) use cases such as Retail, Banking, Telecom, Government, Healthcare, Automotive, Aviation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Energy & Utilities. PurpleCube’s ground-breaking platform is designed to enable businesses to develop and manage their data analytics more efficiently with an easy-to-use interface for all users – and its ability to support over 150 data source connections, provision of a data preparation wizard, industry-specific A.I. algorithms, pre-modelled B.I. dashboards, A.I. enabled Google-like search and Pre-scripted R / Python models.

Bharat Phadke, CEO of Edgematics

As part of the pre-launch phase, PurpleCube will be running a series of informative webinars and virtual workshops, which will be aimed at guiding new and potential clients about the key features, solutions and benefits provided by the end-to-end analytics platform.

Bharat Phadke, CEO of Edgematics, commented: “We have created PurpleCube based on our extensive market experience and research findings for the need to fulfil the gap of a seamless, integrated analytics as a service data platform, which will drive innovation and insights for businesses enabling them to reduce costs, maximise sales, cross-sell or up-sell their products and/or services and enhance customer acquisition, retention and loyalty”.

Edgematics, the parent company of PurpleCube, boasts more than 100 years of industry expertise in digital transformation and data monetisation services, and delivers data products, services and IP frameworks for different industries. Edgematics aims to package its years of expertise and extensive knowledge within the data analytics field – and deliver it through PurpleCube’s secure, scalable and cost-effective analytics as a service platform solution.

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