EMC unveils cloud and software-defined storage offerings in Las Vegas

emc world 2014EMC has announced new cloud and software-defined storage offerings at the 14th edition of its EMC World conference in Las Vegas.

It has unveiled Elastic Cloud Storage, its hyperscale cloud storage infrastructure that comes in packages ranging up to 2.9 petabytes, and ViPR 2.0, the software-defined storage platform, which separates the control and data planes.

EMC also announced the acquisition of flash startup DSSD, who it said had gone under the radar as one of the most exciting new firms in the field.

EMC claims ECS can reduce TCO by up to 28 percent compared to Amazon and Google’s cloud offerings, by achieving savings of 10 cents per gigabyte of storage.

It gives customers the opportunity to add hyperscale cloud capabilities to existing private and hybrid cloud environments.

ViPR 2.0 enables customers to manage existing and new storage infrastructures in a fully automated way. It also plugs into management and orchestration tools from VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft.

It offers multi-site support through new geo-scale storage capabilities, meaning ViPR Object Data Services can span multiple locations and offer patent pending geo-replication and geo-distribution capabilities.

David Goulden, CEO, Information Infrastructure, EMC, said, “Software-defined storage is becoming the architectural backbone that all storage technologies will hang off,” he said. “ViPR 2.0’s geop-scale storage capabilities mean you customers can access any data, anywhere. The ability to use ECS on block, HDFS or mixed storage models gives it incredible elasticity.”

More to follow.

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