India, UK sign security deal

United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron has used this week’s trade trip to India to sign a cyber security deal with the country, over fears that U.K. customer and company data off-shored to Indian companies could be vulnerable to hackers.

Cameron is signing a bilateral co-operation agreement in New Delhi with India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.

Downing Street said the pact would “mark an unprecedented level of co-operation with India on computer security issues”.

Cameron told reporters in Mumbai, “Other countries securing their data is effectively helping us secure our data.

“The threat in terms of cyber security comes from all sorts of different places and organisations. A lot of it is criminal, but hacking bothers me wherever it comes from.”

The pact signed between India and the U.K. will focus on protecting intellectual property, sensitive commercial and government information, as well as personal identity details, the announcement said.

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