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TPV Technology appoints Geekay Distribution as its official distributor for Philips Gaming Monitors – Evina in Middle East

Carol Anne Dias, Sales Director Middle East & Africa at Philips Monitor.

TPV Technology Gulf DMCC, manufacturers of Philips and AOC displays, have announced a new partnership with Geekay Distribution appointing them as their official distributor for gaming solutions across the Middle East.

Philips Monitors also announced the launch of new range of monitors under the brand name “Evnia”. The brand emphasizes a commitment to honouring the diversity of gamers, as well as support the joy of gaming for all, breaking the stereotype of monitors that only offer technical advantages to users. Evnia will be made available to gamers through Geekay Distribution’s sales channels and retail portfolio.

Carol Anne Dias, Sales Director Middle East & Africa at Philips Monitor said “We are excited to collaborate with Geekay Distribution as they have strong presence in the region, to reach out and cater to all gamers. Philips Monitors believes that the joy of gaming should be accessible to everyone. Our goal for Evnia is to provide today’s gamers, in all their diversity, with the monitors and accessories they need to get the most enjoyment out of every gaming session, whether in terms of performance, graphics, or overall user experience”.

Kishan Deepak Palija, CEO of Geekay Group said “We are thrilled to bring Philips Evnia’s cutting-edge gaming monitors to a wider audience. This collaboration signifies a testament to our shared commitment to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences to our customers in the Middle East. With Evnia, we will be offering enthusiasts and professionals alike a new standard of visual excellence, speed, and immersion”.

Philips Evnia monitors are every gamer’s dream come true, the range’s stylish design will match any décor & aesthetic, while still delivering incredible performance. The Evnia range reflects its mantra: “Reinvent the rules”. Far from the known gaming stereotype, Evnia adds freshness, premium and elegance to the mixture.

Putting the needs of Gamers First

One of the core concepts behind the creation of the Evnia range is to prioritise games’ needs, delivering a monitor experience that not only provides excellent technical advantages, but physical benefits too. Each model is ergonomically designed for a comfortable viewing experience, alongside features such as Low Blue mode and flicker-free technology that minimise the harmful effects of gamers’ eyes and reduces fatigue caused by long hours in front of the monitor.

For maximum convenience, each model also features USB-C and HDMI connectivity, alongside Multiview capabilities for surveying multiple sources on one screen. For any scenario, the Evnia range is designed to provide performance, comfort, and convenience to ensure gamers are enjoying both the technical and emotional aspects of gaming.

With premium panels ranging from 1000R curvature, 240Hz VA to Mini LED and QD OLED, and high resolutions including 4K UHD and WQHD, Evnia monitors deliver rich visuals, high contrast, and are optimized for a comfortable and immersive viewing experience.

DTS sound, offered by all Evnia curved monitors, enables an immersive virtual surround sound experience with minimal distortion for the enjoyment of gamers.

Evnia Monitors deliver a new generation of visual immersion, featuring high resolutions that range from QHD (2560×1440) to 4K UHD (3840×2160), Ambiglow and Mini LED for selected models that elevate the surrounding environment, and premium-grade panels. 27M2C5500W is equipped with VA panels, using an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology that delivers bright and vivid images alongside high static contrast ratios from a wide viewing angle. The 27M2C5500W with 1000R curvature closely matches your eyes, offering a truly immersive entertainment viewing experience and reduces eye fatigue.

The 42M2N8900 features an OLED panel, delivering lifelike visuals, deeper blacks, and pinpoint accurate shadows and highlights. The 34M2C8600 combines OLED and quantum dot technology through its QD OLED panel, guaranteeing high contrast, higher peak brightness, and vibrant colours.

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