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Acer reinforces its commitment to sustainability goals with Vero products

CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Massimiliano Rossi, Vice President Product Business Unit, EMEA at Acer, to learn more about the company’s commitment to sustainability through its range of Vero products, how it is leveraging its knowledge and expertise to help its customers become more sustainable – and how its new ConceptD solutions are transforming experiences for gamers.
We know that climate change is one of the biggest issues facing our society, and the IT industry is one of the most energy intensive. A strong theme throughout Acer’s Global Press Conference session was the company’s commitment to become more sustainable. Can you tell me more about the impact your range of Vero products has had in terms of making Acer more sustainable?

A huge part of our global conference was built around sustainability, and of course we sell these kinds of products, and we show our portfolio of products to our end-users. but sustainability for us is a much wider project – and it incorporates the entire ecosystem – from suppliers, manufacturers, logistic operations all the way back to our customers.

Last year, we launched our very first Vero product, which was a 15-inch Notebook, and it was the first real tangible product that really illustrated our commitment to sustainability.

However, this was just the beginning of the journey, as Vero is now spreading across different product categories. It’s a series, so there is a broad range of products for end-users. We are beginning to see a lot of traction in some markets, but I think it’s fair to say that we are still ramping up our efforts.

More and more countries are onboarding the Vero products, but when you are selling unique products, then you also need to effectively tell that story. When we tell the sustainability story then the interest in the Vero line is very strong, because whilst other regions may differ in terms of their maturity towards sustainability, it is something that we all know that we need to proactively pursue to ensure a better future for our planet and to attempt to alleviate the impact of climate change – and our range of Vero products are helping to do that.

Sustainability is not always cost-effective for SMEs and startups, so how do you change their behavior and make it more cost-effective for them to be sustainable?

The product is just one element of how we can help our customers to be more sustainable, but there are also lots of others too. For example, we can reduce the amount of air pollution created by our manufacturers by planning in advance and having a better strategy for the entire process. In the IT ecosystem I do think there is a community of partners that are launching initiatives that are specifically designed to reduce the carbon emissions we emit during the lifecycle of our products. All of our suppliers want to be part of these initiatives because they too want to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint.

We have also implemented several programs across the region to manage the lifecycle of the products, which essentially allows customers to refurbish their products through e-waste recycling. Their product is given to a third-party company that will give it a second life where possible, if not, then they will make sure the product is dismantled properly and will reuse as much of the raw materials as they can. We also then offer a discount to the customer to purchase a new Acer product, which will leverage all the latest technologies, creatingless environmental impact in terms of battery consumption and CO2 emissions. Thereare a lot of things we can do to help our customers and partners to join us on this journey of sustainability.

Acer announced a broad range of products during it’s global press conference ranging from your SpatialLabs Model Viewer for Gaming, your Acer Chromebook Spin Laptops and Tablets and ConceptD Laptops and Desktops, to name a few – but from your perspective, which device do you think will really resonate with your end-users?

Within the company we have a division called SpatialLab, an acquisition which is adding a lot of know-how. We have a unique solution where we use hardware and technology available in the market, but we embed it with a unique software solution. The SpatialLab provides a stereoscopic experience to users without wearing any glasses, and was first launched in 2021 with ConceptD, our product line that is specifically targeted for creators.

In reality, the ConceptD portfolio has several products of which one is SpatialLab. Because of this specific capability, you need a special display, and an eye-tracking camera embedded to create that 3D effect. In addition to this, you need a strong powerful PC because there is a lot of real-time rendering and calculations that the PC needs to the do to make SpatialLab function.

This year, the product has undergone an evolution, because when it was first launched in 2021, it wasn’t designed for gaming. That has now changed, and we are giving gamers a 3D experience. The 3D experience really allows end-users to become fully immersed into their games. We live in a digital economy that is fueled by experiences and this experience element is key for us. As we announced at our global press conference, if you have a powerful computer and you want this experience then you don’t need to purchase a new device, all you need to do is buy the docking solution and the display that is a bit more sophisticated and use the computing power of your standard gaming Notebook and add experiences through the display.

This is creating a new era of interaction and experiences being driven by Acer’s portfolio of products and solutions, and whilst it’s a new journey for us, we are delighted to be at the forefront of this movement that is ultimately accelerating this unique technology to make gaming even more interactive in the market.

Acer is regarded as one of the best manufacturers in the world when it comes to laptops and desktops – but what do you think it is about Acer that really differentiates you from your market competition?

Acer is a company where the people work in an environment that is really engaging and some of the core values of the company including sustainability are driven by our people. The culture within the organisation fosters an environment which allows innovation to flourish. We are a company that has innovation in our DNA, and this is best represented in the sheer volume of patents that we have. We have the highest number of patents in the market because we have been innovating with a lot of new technologies, and SpatialLabs is one example of that.

We are a company that is extremely agile, quick to react – we embrace new opportunities, and ultimately, we can put a full set of products and solutions in front of customers that enhance their operational efficiency.

We have a lot of initiatives outside of our core business that are generating revenue for us, and these factors all combined is what differentiates us from our market rivals, and why we’ll continue to be at the front when it comes to PC innovation and design.

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