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Abu Dhabi rolls out intelligent system to promote social responsibility

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, ADM, has launched a new service aimed at engaging community members in identifying eyesores that detract from the appearance of public facilities, cities, and streets, as well as public and private facilities.

The service is part of the Unified Portal Services App of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, named RASID.

RASID is an intelligent interactive system for engaging the community with the municipal system in monitoring negative practices and behaviours.

It seeks to raise public awareness and involve the community in the social responsibility of the municipal system towards protecting facilities provided to serve public needs and bring them happiness.

The system monitors violations and distortions, and sends reports to government agencies for onward submission to higher authorities.

RASID’s monitoring system starts monitoring the situation (taking images), automatically working out coordinates and takes down notes. The communication is then automatically established by referring the monitored case to the municipality to view the case and determine the concerned party. In case of no prior monitoring, the case is then referred to the district supervisor to tackle the situation according to the inspection procedures.

In the event of prior monitoring, a thank-you letter is sent to the client informing them that the same case had already been monitored and that necessary procedures are being followed, according to regulations.

All members of the community can use RASID by logging into the Unified Portal of the Urban Planning and Municipalities Department – Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and signing up for the Smart Pass ( They can then can send monitoring cases (distortions, irregularities) through the application.

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