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Revolutionary blockchain launches world-first native interoperability, eliminates need for bridges

Blockchain technology has revolutionised various industries by providing decentralised, secure, and transparent solutions. However, the lack of interoperability among different blockchains has been a significant hurdle in achieving its full potential. Blockchain interoperability refers to the ability of different blockchains to communicate, share data, and transfer assets seamlessly. There is a huge difference between native interoperability and the use of bridges.  Native interoperability will allow for blockchain technology to scale to its potential, while bridges are the centralised point of weakness to the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Native interoperability enables seamless transfer of assets, data, and information between blockchains, fostering collaboration and synergy across different blockchain ecosystems. To date however no layer one blockchain has achieved native interoperability, until now.  Recently a new blockchain Layer One X, set to launch in August 2023, has achieved what they term X-talk, which finally enables different blockchains to directly communicate and work together without middlemen, eliminating the need for bridges and potentially  transforming the blockchain ecosystem.

“At Layer One X we have achieved native, decentralised interoperability with X-talk”,  Layer One X Founder Kevin Coutinho stated, “This world-first we have achieved not only affects blockchain, but it impacts the field of technology as a whole”.

Through its revolutionary X-talk technology Layer One X will not only be able to transfer assets between any chain but also logic, which for the very first time will allow smart contracts on different chains to be able to communicate and collaborate with each other, for true cross chain collaboration.

The native interoperability enabled by X-talk can foster collaboration and network effects within the blockchain ecosystem. It encourages partnerships and synergies between different blockchains, as they can seamlessly interact and share resources. This collaboration can promote the growth and adoption of blockchain technology as a whole, as interconnected networks can collectively address scalability, security, and governance challenges. Users also benefit from a more interconnected and vibrant ecosystem, with increased liquidity, diverse options and a wider range of applications to choose from.

Layer One X has the capability to connect to any chain private or public, EVM or NON-EVM, it is currently interoperable with ETH, BSC, Avax, Matic, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom and Solana where these 8 chains represent over 80% of TVL across all chains. Any blockchain can be added.

Native interoperability is a pivotal milestone in unleashing the true power of blockchain technology. This breakthrough not only enhances security, scalability, and flexibility but also fuels innovation, creating a unified, interconnected blockchain ecosystem. Eliminating the need for bridges mitigates risks associated with centralisation and single points of failure. Third-party involvement in cross-chain transfers introduces vulnerabilities to the security and performance of the blockchain ecosystem.   X-talk, a decentralised and native interoperability solution, is a significant leap forward for blockchain technology, paving the way for its full potential to be realised.

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