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TouchMate intros used battery charger

Most people throw away the used alkaline batteries and governments is a source of concern by regulatory authorities as the remaining chemicals inside these batteries pollute water, soil and damage the environment.


The TouchMate used battery charger has been made with a unique technology which can activate the chemicals of used batteries and increase the voltage, so the disposable batteries can be reused again and again (approximately 40 times, depending on the brand quality) until the chemicals and voltage are completely out.


In addition, the TouchMate used battery charger helps users to save money and most importantly protect the environment. It is essential for every home and office to have this device.


TouchMate has introduced a revolutionary TouchMate used battery charger. The innovative product, which can charge normal alkaline or NI/MH used, drained AA and AAA batteries, is simply unique. In people?s day to day life, batteries play an essential role for toys, remote controls, torch light, camera and digital devices.

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