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Ring: Helping communities become smarter and safer

 Anita Joseph caught up with Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Vice President – Emerging Markets at Ring, to discuss how the company contributes to a smarter and safer communities.

 Will Ring be present at GITEX 2023? If so, what are you showcasing at the event?

Yes, we will be participating at GITEX 2023. We will exhibit our entire product line-up highlighting our whole-home security solutions, from Video Doorbells, indoor and outdoor Security Cameras to Ring Alarm. We are looking forward to insightful discussions on how smart security devices can help keep customers connected to their homes for added peace of mind and convenience.

Stronger communities are the key to safer neighborhoods. Give us an overview of some of Ring’s latest, cutting-edge products that contribute to a safe community.

We are committed to delivering whole-home smart security solutions that are convenient and easy to install for families, and we’re excited to demonstrate our newest innovations at GITEX 2023.

Ring’s latest smart security offering in the Middle East is Indoor Camera (2nd Gen), our first-ever security camera with a manual Privacy Cover, that disables audio and video recording when placed over the camera lens. Now, customers can have even greater control over what their device captures for increased privacy.

Our new Battery Video Doorbell Plus, which was also launched this summer, is the first battery-powered doorbell in our line-up with 1536p HD video and a head-to-toe field of view which makes features like Package Alerts even more helpful.

Additionally, we released Spotlight Cam Plus earlier this year, a versatile outdoor camera with a dual-power option, Color Night Vision, and motion-activated LED lights. This provides homeowners with clear visuals of their property during the day and at night.

All our devices can be linked and managed from the free Ring app, providing users with real-time access and control over their home security, no matter where they are.

Can you elaborate on how Ring uses cloud technology for data storage in its devices?

All of the events captured by your Ring device are recorded and stored in the cloud for up to 180 days with an optional Ring Protect subscription plan. You can easily scroll through your timeline to check out what moments you missed throughout the day. You can also download your videos to save them for later and even share them with friends, family and neighbours. Without a Ring Protect Plan, you’ll still receive real-time notifications when motion is detected and can check in on the Live View of your devices from the Ring app, but you won’t get video recordings of those events.

How can office spaces benefit from implementing Ring’s smart security solutions?

While we design our devices with residential use in mind, we have heard from customers who have placed Ring Alarm systems in their small businesses for an added layer of security and peace of mind. When Ring Alarm’s sensors detect motion, the siren is triggered and the customer will receive a real-time motion alert to their Ring app. The Ring app also allows customers to arm and disarm their Ring Alarm remotely and tailor the system to their needs, for example by setting schedules for when the alarm should be armed or disarmed, during working hours vs. after hours.

What are your plans for the Middle East market going forward?

At Ring, we’re focused on customer feedback and innovating on our customers behalf to meet regional needs and preferences and give customers the tools they want, to build out their home security systems and make their day to day lives more convenient and secure. For example, we recently incorporated advanced radar-powered features into our pro outdoor camera range to give our customers more control over their motion alerts and context surrounding their motion events.

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