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Maqsam’s voice bot sets new standards in customer engagement

Maqsam, proudly showcases its revolutionary multi-modal AI Voice Bot for customer engagement at Leap 2024. The groundbreaking model is designed to shape the future of communication in both the Arabic and English languages.

The AI Voice Bot, developed with Maqsam’s latest proprietary AI technology, leverages extensive datasets and advanced training techniques to process Arabic and English languages with proficiency to deliver accurate transcription, nuanced inference generation, and flawless output synthesis. With exceptional Arabic pronunciation and grammatical precision, Maqsam’s AI Voice Bot sets a new benchmark for customer engagement in Arabia.

While currently showcased as a public demo, the model will soon be available for customers. Deployable across multiple communication channels, including call centres, mobile apps, and digital platforms, Maqsam’s AI Voice Bot offers a versatile solution for enhancing customer interactions.

“The recent advancements in AI are already touching on Customer Engagement globally through bots that increase efficiency and accuracy. Unfortunately, most AI companies are not giving Arabic any attention given its complexities and the lack of public data. We are proud at Maqsam to have built our own proprietary AI models to address this gap and provide companies in Arabia best-in-class bots and AI features that understand their local dialects”, Sinan Taifour, CEO and Co-founder of Maqsam.

Furthermore, in competitive benchmarks, Maqsam has led the way among other Arabic AI features, with AI powered ASR (Speech-to-Text), which outperformed international counterparts, including Google, Microsoft, and Meta, by more than 95% in blind tests, emphasis on accurate voicing and grammatical precision sets it apart from existing Arabic-enabled assistants.

Image Credit: Maqsam

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