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Uber unveils new ‘child-friendly’ service for Dubai families

Families residing in Dubai can now book a brand-new child-friendly service launched by Uber.Uber Dubai families

UberFamily, provides customers with the option to book a ride using Uber with a child car seat providing them with quick and easy access to reliable and convenient transportation solutions whenever needed.

The new service has been introduced in response to greater demand for child-friendly travel from riders in Dubai – offering parents added convenience to the already existing options available on the app today.

“As transport needs in the region evolve, we are continuing to introduce products that meet local demands and broadening access to riders who are looking for greater flexibility and ease of access. We are constantly adapting our technology to design solutions that improve mobility while keeping safety and reliability top of mind,” said Rifad Mahasneh, general manager, Uber in the GCC and Levant. “Our latest offering UberFamily is for the ever-changing needs of busy families and their loved ones, and we are committed to building locally using our global experience to continue making it reliable and convenient for everyone to get around.”

Over the past few years, Uber has introduced a number of features and products to the region with the aim to address the ever-changing needs people are facing when it comes to transportation. Some of the most recent offerings include anonymising rider details, the ability to share trips with loved ones, reminding riders to check their ride details, and having a dedicated safety centre for additional guidance and support. With the latest UberFamily option, riders will be able to buckle their children in car seats, giving them extra peace of mind whilst on the move. UberFamily is ideal for riders with children aged four and below and is available to all riders for a small additional fee.

Here is how UberFamily works:

  • Open your Uber app
  • Enter your drop off destination
  • Expand product list by swiping up
  • Request ‘Family’
  • Ride with your child buckled up in a car seat
  • Note that there is an AED 10 surcharge that will apply to all UberFamily
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