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Dataiku to unveil everyday AI innovations at GITEX 2023

Dataiku will showcase at GITEX 2023 its platform for democratising AI and empowering organisations to maximise AI’s potential across diverse skill sets and roles in an era of surging AI adoption across the Middle East region.

Dataiku will exhibit at this year’s GITEX Global under the theme, “Maximising Business Value with AI: Scaling Across the Organisation”. A recent Dataiku study shows 98% of UAE organisations see AI as a major business enabler and are investing more heavily in data science platforms. The poll also showed that UAE enterprises were acting on this belief. Almost three quarters (74%) of respondents said their organisation had either maintained or increased investment in AI in recent months. More than two thirds (68%) of UAE organisations are investing up to half their tech budget in AI.

“Dataiku is the Everyday AI company”, said Sid Bhatia, Regional VP and GM for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, at Dataiku. “By empowering data experts and domain experts to work together to build AI into their daily operations, we enable everyone to add value — to be extraordinary, and to power their company into the future as a competitive force. We will attend GITEX 2023 at a nexus point in the history of AI, when technologies such as large-language models have entered the public consciousness and are seeing accelerated adoption. Our goal at this year’s event is to put these developments in context and show attendees how they can leverage them to mature their AI mix”.

GITEX 2023 and Dataiku 12

Dataiku’s GITEX 2023 focus will be its recently updated eponymous flagship platform. Dataiku 12 offers integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, allowing business users to incorporate the tool’s learning models into their native data projects by extending datasets and performing tasks using a visual interface and natural-language prompts.

Version 12 also prioritises transparency and trust in project outputs, eliminating “black box” tendencies in AI through Transparent Automated Feature Generation. It introduces Causal Machine Learning (ML) to guard against the common analytical error of confusing correlation with causation, which can cause many different kinds of damage to the business and other stakeholders. Dataiku democratizes these capabilities, ensuring that anyone building ML models can understand the source of results.

Transparency continues with Universal Feature Importance, which solves the problem some ML models have in offering limited explanations for decisions. Such models undermine trust with stakeholders and slow the path to AI maturity. The latest version of the platform also allows users to override a model, in acknowledgement of the need for human oversight. Additionally, Model Risk Project Views allows business leaders and analysts to discover and mitigate risks in AI projects.

Something for everyone – a winning strategy

Dataiku 12 is a continuation of the company’s vision for AI as having something for everyone and at GITEX 2023, Dataiku will urge businesses and government entities to bring AI to all employees.

Technologists will appreciate the platform’s infrastructure-agnostic, modular architecture that allows it to run as a SaaS application, on-premises, or in any cloud designated by the customer. It integrates with native storage and automates repetitive tasks.

Business experts enter a brave new world of meaningful insights and the ability to detect quality issues such as outliers and missing or invalid values through automatic data profiling and advanced statistical analyses. Smart assistants guide them through the identification of relationships and construct visual dashboards of graphs, heat maps, and correlation matrices that can be shared with other team members or other teams.

For enterprise experts, Dataiku 12 automates tasks and pipelines via a built-in scheduler to deliver clean, reliable, and timely data across the business. And Dataiku Govern provides a single-pane management tool for progress tracking and the delivery of responsible AI.

“Each year, we come to GITEX to deliver a simple message: Everyday AI is a winning strategy”, said Bhatia. “In 2023, with adoption rates higher than ever, we see signs that the message is starting to sink in. This year, we shall be talking to a more receptive audience than ever before. That is exciting, not only for Dataiku, but for the entire region”.

At GITEX Global 2023, Dataiku will exhibit from Stand CC2-15

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