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First AI-driven security operations centre opens in Dubai

Amit Roy, Paladion
Amit Roy, Paladion

Paladion has launched the first artificial intelligence-driven SOC in the Middle East to protect enterprises in the region from next-generation threats.

The AI-driven SOC is located in Dubai, UAE, and will service customers in the MEA region. Paladion’s AI-Driven SOC is a response to changes in the global and regional threat landscape. Globally, cybercriminals have begun to deploy their own AI-driven cyber-attacks. They are using AI platforms to increase the volume, sophistication, and creativity of their attacks.

With this in mind, only an AI-driven cyber defense can combat this growing volume of threat data and next generation threats.

Organisations in the Middle East are not only attacked by general global bad actors, they are also targeted by local “Hacktivists”. These attacks are well-funded and politically motivated. These Hacktivists believe they can cripple a country by attacking its largest organisations. They are creating new, targeted attacks that are impossible to detect and defend against using traditional approaches to cyber security. Paladion’s AI-Driven SOC in Dubai is built to combat this volatile threat landscape in the Middle East.

“Our region faces a severe cyber security skills shortage, and limited resources to defend against our escalating attacks, our AI-Driven SOCs addresses this gap,” explained Amit Roy, EVP & Regional Head –EMEA, Paladion. “The UAE government’s vision to be the city of the future with the early and right of adoption of Artificial Intelligence requires an equally robust and quick adoption of AI-Driven Cyber Defenses. Paladion’s AI-driven SOC brings this advanced, critical cybersecurity capabilities for the Middle East to help enterprises tackle today’s sophisticated and creative cyber-attacks.”

Paladion’s AI-Driven SOC—also known as the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Command Center—plugs the regional SOC to their Global Security Operations Center, providing the Middle East with advanced, up-to-date protection from global treats. The MDR Command Center deploys Paladion’s own AI platform—AI.saac—to provide advanced, agile defense to the region’s enterprises.

Paladion’s AI-Driven SOC also speeds up incident response times for organisations within the Middle East. Their AI platform automates many steps of incident remediation, and orchestrates a streamlined, comprehensive response – sometimes in coordination with the customer if it is required. Paladion’s AI-Driven Service has demonstrated capabilities in drastically decreasing attacker dwell time and faster incident response. Once an organisation’s threat is remediated, Paladion also provides a full map of that attack, and produces advanced learnings that can proactively evolve an affected organisation’s defenses.

All of this is only available as part of their AI-Driven MDR Service or Left of Hack Right of Hack offering.

The company’s COO Sunil Gupta, said, “Paladion has switched to AI-driven SOCs for all of its customers, located around the world. Most of our legacy MSSP customers in the Middle East have already been transitioned to our AI-Driven MDR service over the last two years. With Dubai’s own AI-driven SOC, Paladion gives the region a unified, comprehensive security program capable of defending organisations at every stage of an attack. Like all our regional SOCs, the Dubai SOC is seamlessly connected to our Global Security Operations Center to ensure there is a mix of regional and global thinking when combatting today’s advanced cyber threats.”

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