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How organisations can become cyber resilient

0 44Alasdair Kilgour, Vice President Middle East and Africa, Nuvias, on how regional organisations can become cyber resilient in the rapidly-evolving …
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6 reasons why enterprises fail to focus on the real security threats

1 304Computer defenders often spend time, money, and other resources on computer defences that don’t stop the biggest threats to their environment. What is causing this lack of focus in putting the right defences in the right places in the right amounts against the right threats?
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Is the Middle East ready for the new data protection law?

0 514As the European Union’s deadline for being compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looms ahead, industry experts discuss the …

Why ME firms need to care about the new data protection law

0 1662Rashmi Knowles, field CTO, EMEA, RSA, discusses how the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will impact Middle East firms and how they can prepare for it.

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