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Blockchain set to boost Dubai’s 2020 tourism vision

0 50Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing has launched Tourism 2.0 - a blockchain-enabled marketplace that connects potential buyers directly to hotels and tour operators.
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Ericsson launches new multiple-application card

ericssonTo meet the demand from the vast amount of traffic streams generated by new innovative cloud services, Ericsson recently announced the release of a new multiple-application card that it said will support various services concurrently without compromising performance.

This board in the SSR 8000 family is powered by SNP 4000, a revolutionary processor introduced by Ericsson in March 2013.

New application and service models such as network slicing – driven by the adoption of SDN, virtualisation and cloud technologies in the network – require the kind of scale and processing power provided by the SNP 4000, to provide granular and personalized services with tens of millions of traffic flows.

Bob Wheeler, Senior Analyst at The Linley Group, says: “Ericsson is the first vendor to develop a network processor that handles advanced features without compromising performance or the scale of services.”

SNP 4000 ensures that the multi-application card delivers predictable line-rate performance and excellent QoE for consumers. The SNP 4000 is an advanced network processor with patented architecture for flexible allocation of resources that enables:

  • High-touch services, such as advanced subscriber management, IP routing and new SDN-driven applications
  • Flexible allocation of resources using a patented architecture
  • Layer 2 to Layer 7 applications running concurrently on the board without compromising on performance
  • A standard programming environment with GNU C/C++ tool chain on Linux, making it easier and faster to add new applications.
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