DCG announces new leadership

The Dubai Computer Group, an affiliate of Dubai Chamber, has recently held a Board meeting with its newly elected Board members to create a new team of office bearers and committees for various portfolios.

Dharmendra Sawlani, President, Dubai Computer Group

As interim Convener, Suchit Kumar briefed the regulatory obligations to the first-time Board members and opened the forum for appointing two additional members and appointment of Office Bearers.

On the proposal of senior member Rakesh Bohra, the names of ex-President Shailendra Rughwani and Suchit Kumar were named as the new board members with consensus.

The Board unanimously accepted the resolution of the previous Board and nominated Khalaf Al Otaiba to the Board and to the post of Chairman.

All the office bearers positions proposed were unanimously supported by the Board members and Dharmendra Sawlani was elected as President, Ashok Kumar as Vice President, Suchit Kumar as General Secretary and Sanjay Bansal as Treasurer.

Newly elected DCG President Dharmendra Sawlani said “It is an honour for me to be elected as the President after serving on the DCG board as General Secretary for three years. With this honour comes great responsibility. I am hoping to live up to the expectations and do justice to the faith placed in me. I will endeavor to help our members triumph over the challenges we face in today’s ever evolving business landscape. Our objective as a team will be to work towards goal of increasing USPIGE (Unity, Security, Profitability, integrity, Growth and Education) in our industry. These goals were set by our founding members and hold value to date. We have many ideas and now with the help of young dynamic team it is the time to “Make Ideas Happen”.

Suchit Kumar expressed his gratitude to the Board for re-imposing the trust on him and assured that as a team, the Board will work towards emboldening the sense of confidence to the industry during its most challenging time. He also voiced his appreciation of the young teams zeal to enhance the scope of business for members.

The new Board proposed to have six committees and nominated the below members to lead

(1)  Networking and business event committee

–       Dharmendra Sawlani [Team Lead]
–       Suchit Kumar
–       Ashok Kumar

(2)  PR and marketing committee

–       Suchit Kumar [Team Lead]
–       Dharmendra Sawlani
–       Farah Anwar
–        Rishi Shah

(3) Membership drive committee

–       Bharat Kewlani [Team Lead]
–       Mohamed Giado
–       Hiren Vadodaria
–       Ashok Kumar

(4)  Sports committee

–       Sachin Gehani [Team Lead]
–       Mohamed Giado
–       Sanjay Bansal

(5)  CSR committee

–       Sanjay Bansal [Team Lead]
–       Farah Anwar

(6)  Compliance and grievances committee

–       Bharat Kewlani [Team Lead]
–       Raees Ahmed

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