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Microsoft to build duo of UAE data centres

0 28Microsoft has announced plans to build its first Middle East and North Africa data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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SSD cost to fall by 50%, says Kingston

“With enterprises under constant pressure to do more with less, CIO's need to ‘square the circle' by delivering cost savings, providing new solutions to drive the business and meeting user expectations of their client devices — and they need to do it fast,” said Antoine Harb, Business Development Manager, Kingston Technology. With PCs and laptops viewed as commodities, any contribution here has been confined to businesses ‘sweating' their assets — extending lifecycles at minimal cost. Gartner estimates that 71 million desktops and 50 million laptops are reaching the end of their lifecycles in 2010, with many due for replacement or upgrade.

Enterprises must ensure that they have investigated the impact that Flash based technology can have on their strategy. Now that performance, not capacity, is the future of the computing platform, enterprises can reap the benefits of centralised storage, exploiting SSD to unleash the potential of their client devices with endurance and performance delivering ROI.

“To date, one of the biggest barriers to SSD adoption has been cost, but we are at the tipping point where prices are falling by 50 per cent per year. We predict that we will reach the ‘sweet spot' in terms of cost by the end of 2010, where, for example, Kingston's SSDNow V64 Series will be available for US$240 including installation costs.” Says Antoine Harb.

Kingston Technology recently commissioned an independent test that shows how upgrading a PC from HDD to SSD can improve the performance of older PCs by 50 per cent and brand new PCs by 27 per cent . To enable enterprises to quantify this, Kingston Technology has released an easy to use interactive Kingston SSDNow Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator to help IT decision makers understand how SSDs can deliver immediate ROI to the client computing platform.

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