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GELLIFY appoints Enrique Ortega as CEO, ushering in a new era of innovation and growth

(L-R) Enrique Ortega, CEO, Gellify & Massimo Cannizzo, Co-Founder and Chairman of GELLIFY Middle East.

GELLIFY Middle East, a prominent player in the innovation and digital transformation landscape, proudly unveils a transformative chapter with the appointment of Enrique Ortega as its new CEO.

This strategic move aligns with the launch of groundbreaking initiatives such as the ‘Innovators Guild’ and the ‘Purple Podcast’ series, elevating GELLIFY’s stature in innovation advisory, venture building, and data strategy and transformation.

With over 18 years of deep Strategy, Innovation, Digital, and Technology Consulting experience and insights, Enrique brings a wealth of expertise to steer GELLIFY’s journey towards becoming the region’s leading innovation powerhouse. Before assuming his role as CEO, Enrique helmed the Business Innovation Consulting Practice of GELLIFY in the Middle East where he played a pivotal role in increasing the company’s market share and brand awareness. Prior to that, he was part of Accenture’s Technology Strategy Leadership team in the Middle East.

A significant part of Enrique’s objective, there’s a renewed commitment to elevate venture building, innovation advisory, and data & analytics offerings to unprecedented levels, marking a new chapter in GELLIFY’s regional prominence.

As part of his appointment, Enrique has launched two strategic initiatives for GELLIFY to continue contributing to the region’s innovation ecosystem.

The new initiative, ‘Innovators Guild’ is an interactive platform meticulously crafted for innovators to delve into a myriad of diverse topics and experiences. This guild aims to foster a collaborative environment where creative minds can share insights, exchange ideas, and collectively shape the future of innovation.

Further enhancing GELLIFY’s commitment to knowledge exchange and thought leadership, the ‘Purple Podcast’ series, through engaging conversations, delves into the latest trends, disruptive technologies, and emerging opportunities that are reshaping the innovation landscape. This series is set to inspire, inform, and empower individuals across sectors to harness the transformative potential of innovation.

Commenting, Enrique Ortega said, “We have been preparing these two initiatives with care over the past couple of months and I’m very excited to launch them now. They will bring together different ways of thinking, different ways of understanding and executing innovation and hopefully spark new ideas in a continuous effort to contribute to the region’s innovation journey”.

On his appointment, he added: “I am thrilled to lead the exceptional team at GELLIFY Middle East. We will continue the path that we initiated some time back and that differentiates us from others: being close to our clients, always value-driven, with pragmatic and actionable advice, tailor-made solutions and collaborative partnerships”.

Short and medium term priorities under Enrique’s leadership include bolstering client support, diversifying the brand portfolio, and doubling down on innovation advisory and data strategy services aligned to the needs expressed by clients.

Massimo Cannizzo, Co-Founder and Chairman of GELLIFY Middle East, expressing unwavering faith in Enrique’s leadership, he stated, “Having collaborated closely with Enrique for almost a decade now, I am confident in his vision and prowess to guide GELLIFY Middle East into the next level of growth. His great expertise, combined with a profound understanding of the region, its dynamics and the needs of corporates and governments, positions GELLIFY for even greater regional success”.

Amidst these transformative undertakings, GELLIFY’s performance remains strong. Strategic investments during Q1 and Q2 have propelled the expansion of innovation advisory and data strategy practices. GELLIFY’s pivotal advisory engagements with prominent private and government entities in the UAE reiterate its role as a committed transformation partner.

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