Kotak Securities deploys BI and MIS analytics platform

Finesse has announced that Kotak Securities, the stock broking and distribution arm of the Kotak Mahindra Group, has gone live with its Business Intelligence (BI) and MIS Analytics Platform using Qlik’s BI software.

Kamlesh Rao, Kotak Securities and Sunil Paul, Finesse

Kamlesh Rao, CEO, Kotak Securities, highlighted that he had a vision of using analytics to embrace the next level of growth, apart from getting insights into the various data points across the organisation to give business and department heads the actionable insights in real time. The company, thus, wanted to implement a tool that can address the current challenge in terms of MIS and Analytics. The solution should also have uniform data in place along with a common view of how they perform in terms of business, customer efficiency and performance. Finesse was chosen to implement QlikSense at Kotak Securities to drill down the collated data across all systems to get analytics that helped them in interpretation, analytics and decision making. This has helped Kotak Securities get better visualisation of data and to have deeper insights to take more informed decisions.

“The best broking company going forward is the company which understands their client behaviour well and on the go, and which is why business analytics play a very important role in letting us act on data points,” said Rao. “BI and analytics is going to arm relevant companies who are capable of absorbing the business of BI to ensure that they are the ones who will be staying ahead and be market leaders in their respective lines of business.”

He added that data, on the fly, in real time, is extremely important for being in the business of broking today which is where analytics and therefore QlikSense comes into the picture for us. “Actions determined by decisions taken based on various data points are extremely critical in the real world of broking today. That is why QlikSense and we go a long way in deciding what to do on an everyday basis. Our association with Finesse has allowed us to make sure that QlikSense is best system to use and it is the implementation that has made the difference for us.”

Sunil Paul, COO and Co-Founder, Finesse, said, “Finesse has in depth experience in consulting and systems integration services, and is one of the largest providers of BI and analytics solutions. The solution implemented by Finesse has been designed to streamline Kotak Securities’ business operations as well as to enhance information sharing and administration efficiencies. The system brings out insights for informed decision-making.  We are delighted to assist Kotak Securities in their strategic digital transformation programme.”

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