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Microsoft to build duo of UAE data centres

0 89Microsoft has announced plans to build its first Middle East and North Africa data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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Nexans debuts LANsense Next Generation Analyser

Nexans, the worldwide leader in the cabling industry, today announced the launch of LANsense Next Generation Analyser (NGA) at GITEX Technology Week 2008. The new LANsense NGA, a green technology product designed to reduce energy consumption and heat output in data center environments, represents a significant step forward in analyser functionality and in the flexibility available to system designers and end users.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Tarek Helmy, Regional Director Gulf & Middle East of Nexans Cabling Solutions said, “With the focus at GITEX being Green Technology this year, Nexans is pleased to announce the launch of our green initiative product – the LANsense Next Generation Analyser, which not only saves power but also reduces heat output in data center environments. It is a well known fact that data centers consume a lot of energy and more and more companies today are trying to join the global green technology initiatives by deploying solutions that reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Nexans is the only global vendor to offer this innovative product.”

The New Generation Analyser is part of LANsense intelligent infrastructure management (IIM), a tool promoted by Nexans. LANsense provides accurate information of cable routing, connectivity and device identification, status and location. LANsense uses hardware, such as analysers, and software to manage the physical infrastructure and integrate information from the network layers to provide information about the active devices, which are connected to the cabling.

Network Managers are increasingly seeing IIM as a valuable tool in their green technology initiatives as it helps to monitor and manage the network more efficiently and optimizes usage of network resources.

The new LANsense NGA has a simplified and flexible design. The analyser functionality is separated from the display functionality allowing the display unit to be placed in a convenient location within a rack and the analyser chassis to be placed elsewhere thereby saving valuable rack space. The product also features a System Master Card (SMC) running Linux OS and a self diagnostic test and health status. The installation of the LANsense NGA is as easy as ‘Plug and Play’.

“The NGA is an exciting new development which opens up many possibilities for efficient analyser network design and advanced functionality to support the LANsense platform. The power consumption and heat output of the NGA have been dramatically reduced in comparison to other analysers, a key feature in supporting customer’s ‘green IT’ initiatives. The NGA monitors connections and flags disconnections as and when it happens thereby saving on any potential network downtime,” explained Mr. Rob Cardigan, Senior Product Manager LANsense within Nexans.

The display unit or Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel of the LANsense NGA features 3 multi-line LCD’s capable of displaying work order information, connectivity information and the results of “pen tests” to interrogate the attached database to retrieve data relating to the infrastructure. The analyser chassis is a 3u device, which can accommodate between 1 and 19, 48 port analyser cards, allowing flexibility in system design. Multiple chassis can be interconnected using shielded patch cords to create a network large enough to manage even complex data centre infrastructure. An interchangeable front plate allows the creation of master analysers (with a system master card for Ethernet connectivity) or link analysers, which are connected to a master.

Nexans is holding live demonstrations of their new LANsense NGA in Hall No. 1, Stand: B-45 at Gitex Technlogy Week.

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