Sony’s next-gen Optical Disc Archive solutions

Sony today announced new additions to its line-up of next-generation Optical Disc Archive solutions. Through advances in Optical Disc-based technologies, blazing fast read/write speeds can now be achieved along with flexible and efficient archive management.  Sony’s expanded line-up of Optical Disc Archive systems includes the new ODS-D77U drive unit, which runs at speeds (up to a maximum over1Gbps*) more than double that of Sony’s ODS-D55U, and expandable PetaSite™ library units ODS-L30M, ODS-L60E and ODS-L100E.  With these new Optical Disc Archive solutions, flexible storage configurations are available to customers with varying operational requirements, whether large-scale broadcasting stations or small-to-medium scale production systems.  The new products will be showcased at the BIRTV show in Beijing, China, from 21-24 August 2013.

As the industry accelerates file-based workflows, many professionals have been looking for long-term, reliable storage for their huge volumes of media assets.  Sony developed its Optical Disc Archive solutions as a reliable, easy-to-operate and cost-effective system of archiving, so customers can ensure the long-term preservation of their valuable media assets.  Superior long-term storage capabilities, robustness and guaranteed inter-generational compatibility are some of the hallmarks of Sony’s archiving solutions, and the new products are no exception.

ODS-D77U and ODS-D77F Drive Unit

The ODS-D77U brings high speed reading and writing capabilities, being able to achieve a maximum over 1Gbps – more than twice that of Sony’s ODS-D55U.  The ODS-D77U also features a high speed standard USB 3.0 interface for fast and easy connections whilst the ODS-D77F features a high speed fiber channel connection to support the new Optical Disc scalable PetaSite libraries and storage management software providers.   In an effort to make the ODS-D77U more user-friendly, Sony will also include an updated version of its graphical user interface titled “Content Manager 2.0”.  This bundled application supports more formats and features improved metadata operation and more.

ODS-L30M, ODS-L60E and ODS-L100E PetaSite Library Units

The three new library units provide ultimate flexibility and expandability, as users can combine a different number of cartridges and drive units to form an optimal library system which fits their own requirements on storage capacity and read/write speeds.  Optical Disc Archive cartridges boast an estimated 50 years lifespan and are built to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, and resist dust and water droplets.  Furthermore, guaranteed inter-generational compatibility eliminates the need to re-archive copies of past archive data, offering a more user-friendly and dependable long-term storage solution.  For archiving operations at broadcasting stations, Optical Disc Archive is the ideal shelf archiving system.  Media assets that are not used often can be stored in shelves without incurring large expenses for electricity and heating, as compared to storage in a server room.  On the other hand, media assets that are frequently accessed can be stored in a library unit so that users can enjoy easy multi-access and sharing of files.

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