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Aparna Shivpuri Arya, Assistant Editor, CPI Business

Going to a new city is always exciting, and it gets all the more exciting when your luggage doesn’t make it through.

After landing at Barcelona airport for the Citrix Synergy Summit and realising that the conveyor belt has no plans of spewing out my bag, I prepared myself to rush to the nearest mall and pick up some clothes for the conference next day.

Luckily when I called the reception the next morning , they informed me that my luggage has arrived and so I was able to make it to the conference looking like I represent CNME rather than someone who is in for some donations.

After registering at the press centre, I headed to the keynote address with my “mini” laptop. Oh yes! Anyone sitting next to me had to be warned that I’ll take good ten minutes to settle in.

The keynote address by the Citrix CEO, Mark Templeton was fantastic and gave an overview of all the applications that Citrix has recently launched.

The newbie-to-technology-conferences in me found it interesting to know about some of the innovations that were happening in the area of remote delivery and management, including elements like Go-to-meeting, ShareFile and WorkSpace that opened a whole new world to me.

The executive briefings with various Citrix heads were also informative, and allowed me to actually sit down and get to know some of their new launches in more detail.

The roundtables for the press gave me a an opportunity to know what Citrix is planning in the future and get to hear some of the group heads talk about their plans for the emerging markets.  Besides the keynote and roundtables, there were a lot of breakout and lab sessions where people in the industry could gain more practical knowledge about the apps. (You can read my news stories from the conference on CNME’s website, and wait for the analysis piece that will go up soon.)

After the summit got over, I spent a day going around the city. Since it was raining, I borrowed an umbrella from the hotel, only to realise in a matter of minutes that it’s broken, which meant that if it opened it didn’t close and if I managed to somehow close it, it threatened to open every few minutes. So while managing all that, I did get to see some of the sights of the city as well.

Coming back to the joys of having a desktop as a laptop, I must mention that after having a drink while waiting to board my flight at Madrid, I boarded the flight and felt all light and nice. Hmm…so made a note to myself that a drink is always good! Only to realise a few seconds later that the light feeling was because I had left my laptop in the waiting area. Joy was replaced by panic since the gate had closed but after much pleading the crew went to look for it and got it for me. Phew!Glad to be back home! And to the chaos in the office..:).

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