Emitac Distribution expands into KSA

Patrick Mulligan, General Manager of Emitac Distribution

Emitac Distribution has opened its Saudi operation in Riyadh. The decision to move into the Saudi market is part of Emitac’s geographical expansion plans. Emitac Distribution is already present in most countries across the GCC and parts of Africa.

“We are extremely excited about the Saudi market, and we expect to establish our business very quickly, based on the support we have received from the channel and our vendors. The market potential is compelling, both from a size and growth rate perspective, and we are making a substantial investment to develop Emitac’s share of the business,” said Patrick Mulligan, General Manager of Emitac Distribution.

Emitac Distribution has entered the Saudi market with its well established HP IPG business and will diversify with into other brands over the next few months. The Saudi team will be managed by in country manager, Ziad Meslemani.


“The Saudi Market is one of the largest growing markets in the region and it is essential for all vendors and distributors to strengthen their presence on ground in order to grab a profitable share.

Ziad Meslemani, Country Manager, Emitac Distribution Saudi Arabia

With the new Saudi Government declared IT spending for this year there will be a huge business opportunity for everybody,” said Ziad Meslemani, Country Manager, Emitac Distribution Saudi Arabia. Emitac Distribution’s office is located in the business district of Tiyadh.

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